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What do we at CodeHexz?


We at “CodeHexz – Where Learning is Free” strive to make quality education affordable to the masses. Over the years, the cost of education has increased many folds to make it beyond the reach of many. We want to remove this financial barrier to a good education. The only obstacle to education must be individuals thirst for knowledge.

Which courses are shared at CodeHexz?

CodeHexz share promotions of Premium IT/Software, Business, Development & Designing Udemy Courses. Hence, students can enroll themselves in the premium, best-selling, and hot Udemy courses for free.

Students can learn various Programming Languages by freely enrolling themselves in the courses shared by CodeHexz:

1. C, C++, C#
2. Java
3. JavaScript
4. PHP
5. Python
6. Golang
7. Ruby
8. Swift
9. MySQL
10. Perl
11. R
12. And More

Students can enroll freely in various Web Development courses like:

1. HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
2. JavaScript and its Frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Nest, Redux, Ember, Node, Aurelia, Redux, and more…
3. PHP and its Frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symphony, and more…
4. Java and its Frameworks like Springboot, Hibernate, Struts, and more…
5. Ruby
6. Python and its Frameworks like Flask and Django.

We also share Udemy coupons for various DataBase Engines like:

1. MySQL
2. Oracle
3. PostgreSQL
5. Microsoft SQL Server
6. MongoDB

We also share various Modern Day Technologies courses like:

1. Machine Learning in Python using libraries like Pandas, Numpy, ScikitLearn, Keras and using R programming
2. Deep Learning
3. Data Visualization using Tableau
4. Image Processing
5. Big Data using Hadoop, Spark, Kafka
6. Artificial Intelligence
7. Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
8. Cloud Computing
9. Quantum Computing

Students can also learn App Development by enrolling in free courses shared by us:

1. Android Application Development using Java or Kotlin
2. IOS Application development using Swift
3. Hybrid Application Development using NativeScript, React, Xamarin, and more…

We also share courses regarding Graphic Designing & Game Development:

1. Adobe Illustrator, CC, Photoshop, and more…
2. Game Development in Unity

Students can also Learn Ethical Hacking by the courses from our site.

We also share Business, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing so students can learn Marketing, Accounting, Investment, Analytics, Dropshipping, and more…

Who can enroll in these courses?

1. Anyone who wants to gain knowledge
2. Anyone who wants to upgrade their skill set.
3. Anyone who wants to get in IT or Development Company.
4. Anyone who wants to become a Freelancer.
5. Computer/IT/EC/EE undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn something new apart from their curriculum.

Are there any prerequisites?

Certain prerequisites are depending on the domain and course mentioned in the blog post itself on CodeHexz. But apart from that, a necessary prerequisite is:

1. Attitude towards Learning new Skills!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Does CodeHexz own these courses?
A. No, The courses provided at CodeHexz are for educational reference purpose only. We neither owe any course nor we publish it. All the courses from udemy with their coupons are displayed on our site.

2. Are these courses free for a lifetime?
A. CodeHexz shares the coupons for courses that may expire after a specific time. We recommend you to keep yourself updated with our notifications on various social media channels. You may enroll in the course as soon as you receive the update. Once enrolled, you can have access to the free udemy course for a lifetime, according to Udemy.

3. How can I never miss a Free Udemy Course?
A. You can subscribe to our on-site notifications. You can join our WhatsApp Group. You can subscribe to our Telegram Channel. You can also like our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates Regularly.

4. Which courses do CodeHexz publish?
A. We only publish hand-picked, good rated courses that are fruitful and beneficial to students. We want our students to excel in the field they choose, and we always focus on the betterment of our site audience. All the courses published on our site are Premium, Best Selling, New, or have an average rating above 4.0.

5. Why CodeHexz than any other site?
A. We at CodeHexz believe in providing Quality courses. Our AI bots analyze the courses on the basis of various parameters like the Instructor’s background, the overall rating of an instructor, ratings of course, and then the course is published on our site. This type of handpicked and quality free online courses are not provided on any other site except CodeHexz.

So what are you waiting for? Join our Blooming Community of over 10K+ active Learners to grow your skills and sustain in this rapidly growing IT field.

Habits grow from obtaining knowledge, attitude, and skills -Bill Capodagli

Always Keep Learning and Happy Coding!