Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Artificial Intelligence are on the tip of tongue of everyone related with computer IT field. Of course they are trending and growing technologies in the world of computer science and technology fields. They are used by most of techgiants companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook … in data processing or data mining. But if you are a newbie from where should you start learning these technologies and what are prerequisites for learning these technologies.


1. You should be comfortable in Mathematics.Topics like statistics,probability, functions and differentiation should be clear to you.Starting learning ML without knowing these will create a problem in the future.

2. You must be familiar about basic programming.ML is usually coded in Python , R & JavaScript.

From where to learn:

1. You can start learning. Machine Learning for free from Andrew NG’s Coursera course.It’s a free course but if you want to get a certificate,you will have to pay for this course.

2. Google has also started free Machine learning and Python course to get into these technologies and explore.


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