Python Certification Exam Preparation – Free Udemy Course.

Topic wise Tests & Grand Tests: 200 Realistic Questions With Clear Explanation for Python Certification-Be a Lead, with this Free Udemy Course worth $200!


These practice tests will cover the following syllabus.

Exam Pattern:

Number of Questions : 40

Duration : 60 Minutes

Questions Type: Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop and Selection from drop down list

What you’ll learn in this Free Udemy course:

  • Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators (20-25%)
  • Evaluate an expression to identify the data type Python will assign to each variable
  • Identify str, int, float, and bool data types
  • Perform data and data type operations
  • Convert from one data type to another type; construct data structures; perform indexing and slicing operations
  • Determine the sequence of execution based on operator precedence
  • Assignment; Comparison; Logical; Arithmetic; Identity (is); Containment (in)
  • Select the appropriate operator to achieve the intended result
  • Assignment; Comparison; Logical; Arithmetic; Identity (is); Containment (in)
  • Control Flow with Decisions and Loops (25-30%)
  • Construct and analyze code segments that use branching statements
  • if; elif; else; nested and compound conditional expressions
  • Construct and analyze code segments that perform iteration
  • while; for; break; continue; pass; nested loops and loops that include compound conditional expressions
  • Perform Input and Output Operations (20-25%)
  • Construct and analyze code segments that perform file input and output operations
  • Open; close; read; write; append; check existence; delete; with statement
  • Construct and analyze code segments that perform console input and output operations
  • Read input from console; print formatted text; use of command line arguments
  • Document and Structure Code (15-20%)
  • Document code segments using comments and documentation strings
  • Use indentation, white space, comments, and documentation strings; generate documentation by using pydoc
  • Construct and analyze code segments that include function definitions
  • Call signatures; default values; return; def; pass
  • Perform Troubleshooting and Error Handling (5-10%)
  • Analyze, detect, and fix code segments that have errors
  • Syntax errors; logic errors; runtime errors
  • Analyze and construct code segments that handle exceptions
  • Try; except; else; finally; raise
  • Perform Operations Using Modules and Tools (1-5%)
  • Perform basic operations using built-in modules
  • Math; datetime; io; sys; os; os.path; random
  • Solve complex computing problems by using built-in modules
  • Math; datetime; random

    Who’s this Free Udemy course for?

    You can enroll in this Free Udemy Course if you meet the following criteria, though these criteria are not mandatory, you can enroll in this free udemy course and learn!:

    • Anyone looking to clear Python Certification
    • Anyone who want to show the difference in level of subject

    This Free Udemy Course includes:

    • 5 Practice Tests
    • Full lifetime access
    • Access on mobile

    Requirement or Prerequisites for this Free Udemy Course:

    • It’s desirable to have some minimum basic knowledge of Python

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