The Complete HTML5 Course: From Beginning to Expert – Free Udemy Course.

Master yourself in HTML5: Interactive way, step by step and easy to follow. Great for Absolute Beginners!!, with this Free Udemy Course worth $200!


This Complete HTML5 Free udemy course will teach you to read and write front end web development code using HTML5. It gives you hands-on and practical experience in detailed HTML5. Contents of this Free Udemy Course are:

Interactive HTML5: Basics

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML4 vs. HTML5
  • Making your first HTML page
  • Tools to create HTML files
  • Base HTML Tags
  • Paragraph Tags
  • Break Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Bold and Italic Tags
  • Ordered and unordered Lists

Interactive HTML5: Advanced

  • Difference between Absolute Links and Relative Links
  • Hyperlinking to an external page
  • Hyperlinking to an email address
  • Hyperlinking to a file in your site
  • Playing and controlling audio
  • Playing and controlling video
  • Embedding a video
  • Whats is a Table – Pros and Cons
  • Table properties
  • Adding an iFrame
  • Adding an iFrame: Part 2
  • What is possible with a form using on HTML knowledge
  • Defining the form
  • Text fields and text areas
  • Radio buttons and check buttons
  • Data input and buttons
  • Proper file structure
  • Code commenting
  • Meta tags

Interactive CSS3: Basics

  • What is CSS? Why we need it?
  • What’s new in CSS3
  • CSS Selectors, properties and attributes
  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Element Selectors
  • All Selectors
  • Inline style sheets
  • External Style sheets

Interactive CSS3: Advanced

  • The Box model
  • Adding Color
  • Working with fonts
  • Background images
  • Styling ID tags
  • Float and Clear
  • Block and inline elements
  • Positioning
  • Adding the elements

After completion of this course, you will be able to develop static and interactive web pages, landing pages and websites. For more reference, you can also visit W3Schools for HTML5 and CSS3.

What you’ll learn in this Free Udemy course:

  • Will be proficient on HTML5 from Basic to Advanced
  • Will be able to create an amazing site using HTML5
  • Will be able to work with Audio and Video in HTML5
  • Hands-on experience on Data Input and Buttons
  • Hands-on experience on Absolute and Relative Links
  • Hands-on experience on Tags and Lists

Who’s this Free Udemy course for?

You can enroll in this Free Udemy Course if you meet the following criteria, though these criteria are not mandatory, you can enroll in this free udemy course and learn!:

  • Who wants to learn HTML5 and develop a beautiful site using HTML5.
  • Who wants to begin their career as a Front End Web Developer.

This Free Udemy Course includes:

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Requirement or Prerequisites for this Free Udemy Course:

  • Basic Computer & Internet Knowledge.

Udemy Course Details:-

Course Name The Complete HTML5 Course: From Beginning to Expert
Ratings 4.1
Category Development
Subcategory Web Development
Topic HTML5

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