1. Codecademy is the place a huge amount of individuals who are new to tech initially figure out how to code. On the off chance that you haven’t seen their site yet… where have you been!? Joking—for the most part. In any case, the stage rotates around showing you how to code by means of intelligent realizing; that is, you perused a bit, type your code directly into the program, and get results right away. This is an ideal access to coding for tenderfoots, and fills in as a sort of free coding bootcamp. In case you’re interested about the upsides and downsides of the stage, we composed a survey of Codecademy here . Points educated: Coding fundamentals like HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Angularjs, The Command Line, and more

2. Codewars is unquestionably a fun method to pick up coding. With a hand to hand fighting topic, the program depends on difficulties called “customized organization.” Complete them to win respect and advancement to higher positions. Points instructed: CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Clojure, and Haskell

3. Coursera Large online course library, where classes are instructed by genuine college educators. All courses are for nothing out of pocket, yet you have the choice to pay for a “Coursera Verified Certificate” to demonstrate course culmination. These expense somewhere in the range of $30 and $100 relying upon the course. Coursera likewise now has specializations, which you do need to pay for. Subjects educated: Many (a long ways past your fundamental coding/software engineering), however there are some incredible coding for learners choices

 4. edX An open-source advanced education program represented by MIT and Harvard. Offers 107 courses under the “software engineering” classification, showing different coding dialects. Courses educated: Java, C#, Python, and a lot more

 5. Free Code Camp This free coding bootcamp shows coding first through a built up educational programs, at that point by means of hands-on experience taking a shot at ventures for philanthropies. Extraordinary, correct? Courses educated: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js

 6. GA Dash General Assembly’s free web based learning stage. Altogether venture based. You assemble a “venture” with each stroll through. They are one of the not many choices that have a seminar on the best way to construct a Tumblr subject sans preparation. Subjects educated: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive structure

7. Khan Academy Tons of subjects (as their first page says, “You can pick up anything”), including numerous on PC programming. A couple of courses are offered for more youthful children, as well. Subjects educated: Many

8. MIT OpenCourseware Competition to get into MIT might be firm, however getting to their course material has no base SAT score. They keep up an online library of each subject they educate, with no record required for access. Courses educated: Many

9. The Odin Project Made by the makers of Viking Code School—a debut web based coding bootcamp. The Odin Project is their free coding bootcamp adaptation. FYI: you can likewise work with others in face to face or online investigation bunches . Courses educated: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, Ruby programming, Ruby on Rails

10. Udacity Offers singular courses, just as “nanodegrees” that train you for explicit professions like front-end web designer or information expert. Some course materials are free, however nanodegrees require an educational cost expense. Courses educated: Many

11. Udemy Paid and free seminars on an assortment of subjects, including web improvement, programming, information science, and that’s just the beginning. Courses can be made by anybody, so make a point to peruse audits—you need to get the hang of coding through a genuine master! Coupons can likewise be effectively found, as well. Look at a portion of their top improvement courses here . Subjects educated: Many

12. The Code Player An aggregation of video instructional exercises to enable you to stroll through a procedure from beginning to end. Useful for learning “littler” undertakings or errands each one in turn. Points educated: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Regex, JQuery (Back to top) YouTube: Learn to Code by Watching the Experts

13. Coder’s Guide Features various arrangement of recordings on coding points: a 19-video arrangement on JavaScript, another 19 recordings on HTML/CSS, and the sky is the limit from there. Points educated: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, iOS and Android, and more Subscribers: 44,21

14. DevTips One of Travis Neilson’s YouTube channels. Spotlights on website architecture and web advancement, with periodic live Q&As. Courses instructed: HTML, CSS, responsive plan, advancement counsel Subscribers: 82,907

15. LearnCode.academy My undisputed top choice. Web-improvement centered recordings made by Will Stern. Subjects instructed: Sublime Text, Responsive Design, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js, sending systems, and more Subscribers: 154,590

16. thenewboston Over 4,000 recordings on a scope of programming dialects, amusement improvement, and plan. Has more than one million supporters. Courses educated: Android improvement, C programming, MySQL, Python, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

17. Google Coding Platforms like Goodle Education,Google code for all

18. CSS-Tricks Goes profound into CSS with their huge, terrible CSS chronological registry . Be that as it may, the blog currently goes past just CSS and discussions about different things like Sass, JavaScript, PHP, and the sky is the limit from there. Investigate huge amounts of assets and look at their code scraps.

19. David Walsh Run by David Walsh (a senior designer at Mozilla), despite the fact that there are other people who compose on the site as well. Instructional exercises, how-tos, demos, and that’s just the beginning.

20. Scotch.io Covers heaps of themes identified with web advancement and work process. To give some examples: Angular, Node.js, Laravel, Sublime Text, and the sky is the limit from there.

21. SitePoint They have heaps of scholars and distribute frequently. Subjects go from HTML and CSS to business enterprise. SitePoint now additionally has paid books and seminars on their youngster site Learnable .

22. Tuts+ Tons of free instructional exercises, just as paid alternatives like real courses. Has more than 570 expertly-taught video courses (on all subjects, not simply PC related). Likewise distributes eBooks. (Back to top) HTML and CSS

23. Skillcrush’s Free Coding Bootcamp Skillcrush’s free coding bootcamp is an ideal spot to begin for total amateurs. You’ll realize working in tech, get absorbable meanings of normal industry language, and find the opportunity to compose your first lines of code.

24. Learn CSS Layout This site will show you CSS basics that are utilized in setting up a site’s design. It’s best for the individuals who as of now have fundamental HTML and CSS know-how.

25. Marksheet.io For fledglings. Separated into four parts: The web, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. It resembles an online digital book, yet under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. So you can adjust it for your necessities.

26. Mozilla Developer Network Free documentation on HTML and CSS (likewise JavaScript). Has instructional exercises for individuals of various dimensions, basic to cutting edge.

27. HTML5 Dog HTML learner instructional exercise here . (They likewise offer moderate and propelled HTML instructional exercises.) And ones on CSS. (Back to top) Command Line

28. Direction Line Power User Free video arrangement made by Wes Bos. More at a halfway dimension, so not for all out novices.

29. Vanquishing the Command Line Free online book by Mark Bates. Very top to bottom. Can buy printed copy and screencasts.

30. Learn Command Line the Hard Way Free online book by Zed Shaw. (My undisputed top choice order line asset.) (Back to top) Git and GitHub

31. Attempt Git An intelligent arrangement of difficulties to find out about and explore different avenues regarding Git. Made by Code School .

32. Git Immersion A guided visit to show you the nuts and bolts of Git. Set inclinations and make your own ventures

33. Persuasive Javascript Another online book, longer than most. It has huge tech money related supporters like Mozilla and Hack Reactor (“the Harvard of coding bootcamps”).

34. Javascript.com Created by Code School. Speedy and ideal for outright learners. (Cautioning: JS, all things considered, is significantly harder.) 9 smaller than expected exercises. Toward the end, it directs you toward additional inside and out JS learning materials.

35. JavaScript for Cats It resembles a solitary website page book separated into areas. Made by software engineer Max Ogden . Loaded up with non-feline gifs yet has feline pics toward the end. Because. Lol.

36. Learn JS Go through exercises, type in the window at the base. Made by similar people who make learnpython.org .

37. NodeSchool Has face to face workshops and occasions everywhere throughout the world, just as a functioning web nearness. See online instructional exercises here .

38. That JS Dude A site that educates JavaScript. Explicitly this, scope, raising, terminations, legacy, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It depends on recordings just as content to clarify ideas. Made by @mdkhan005 .

39. The Node Beginner Book Written by Manuel Kiessling, this book targets individuals who have some involvement in other programming dialects. While the free form online is an abbreviated adaptation of the full book, regardless it shows a great deal Node. (Back to top) WordPress

40. WordPress.tv Recordings of live WordCamp addresses the world over. Made via Automattic .

41. WPBeginner Website for novice WP clients. Incredible WP glossary of terms, in addition to coupon bargains, video instructional exercises, and a blog which distributes valuable articles by various writers. (Back to top) Python

42. A Byte of Python Free online book for apprentices. Can download it as a PDF for nothing or put resources into the printed copy.

43. LearnPython.org Interactive online instructional exercise to learn Python coding. Has a little window at the base where you can compose your code as you experience the exercises.

44. Learn Python The Hard Way (Website) The book costs cash, yet the site is free. Composed by Zed Shaw. (I utilized the book when I originally begun learning.)

45. Python Spot Beginner and middle of the road Python instructional exercises. Most arrive in a composed structure. There’s likewise a few instructional exercises on amusement advancement, databases, and the sky is the limit from there. All utilizing Python, obviously. (Back to top) Ruby

46. Learn Ruby the Hard Way Free HTML rendition of the book on the web. Purchasing the printed copy likewise gets you access to recordings. Another book composed by Zed Shaw.

47. Rails For Zombies An intelligent method to learn Ruby on Rails directly in your program. (This is a superior decision for individuals who know some Ruby as of now.) Created by Code School.

48. Rails Tutorial 12section book by Michael Hartl. Can buy digital books, screencasts from writer, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Or then again simply perused it for nothing on the web.

49. RubyMonk Entirely free, however you have the alternative to give. In view of intelligent instructional exercises, where you read an exercise and type in code. Finally, “run” it. RubyMonk has one tenderfoot course alternative, two middle of the road, and one progressed.

50. Attempt Ruby Also made by Code School , this is a superior alternative for fledglings. Type into an in-program brief window as you experience the activities. (Back to top) Databases

51. Learn SQL the Hard Way Another asset made by Zed Shaw. This free online book takes you through 33 works out. Before the end, you ought to comprehend SQL, how to structure information, and know somewhat about database advancement. You don’t have to realize how to program to function through the book, however it makes a difference.

52. MongoDB University Courses on MongoDB. Exercises come in video structure. There are likewise tests and reviewed practices en route. Courses most recent seven weeks, yet you can work through at your own pace. Starting at now, 200,000+ individuals have officially taken seminars on MongoDB University.

53. MySQLtutorial.org Offers a scope of MySQL instructional exercises including how to utilize MySQL as an engineer and database chairman. They offer more than ten diverse MySQL instructional exercises altogether.

54. SQL for Web Nerds Free advanced book made by eminent software engineering teacher at MIT, Philip Greenspun. It contains 16 segments including information demonstrating, straightforward inquiries, exchanges, trees, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

55. Vertabelo This free stage has three distinctive SQL courses: SQL Queries, Operating on Data in SQL, and Creating Tables in SQL. On Vertabelo you’ll learn in an intelligent code supervisor, table, and comfort. (Back to top) Web Design/User Experience

56. HackDesign is, “a simple to pursue structure course for individuals who do astounding things.” There are 50 exercises aggregate, all educated by various educators. Subjects incorporate typography, association configuration, front-end structure, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can get a plan exercise conveyed to your inbox once per week or you can see every one of the exercises on their site.

 57. UX Apprentice Created by Theresa Neil and the group at Balsamiq. This resembles a UX 101 course — ideal for novices. Three primary parts: revelation, system, and structure. As you experience, you are tested and demonstrated related assets.

58. UXPin While UXPin has paid contributions, there are an assortment of free UX books accessible on the site. You should simply give your email to get to the material. They have books on moderation, shading hypothesis, level structure, cooperation plan, and the sky is the limit from there. (Back to top) Coding Long-Term: Online Communities

59. CodeBuddies Learn with others in shared composed Google Hangouts. Incredible for the individuals who need to examine with others or do combine programming. CodeBuddies has a Slack chatroom just as Facebook assemble where individuals can gather and make inquiries.

60. CodeNewbie has an assortment of instruments for tenderfoots including a Slack people group where you can make inquiries, a Twitter visit each Wednesday, a week by week digital recording, and that’s just the beginning. Presently there are likewise some face to face meetups – like in Atlanta .

61. Amateur Coder Warehouse Full exposure: Newbie Coder Warehouse is my Facebook gathering of 2,200+ self-educated coders (and tallying!). It’s an extraordinary spot to make inquiries just as interface with others. Also, it’s overly easy to join: all you need is a Facebook profile! (Back to top) In-Person “How to Code” Workshops

62. codebar’s objective is empower underrepresented gatherings to figure out how to code. They do this by offering free week by week workshops and occasions. Remember codebar is situated in the UK.

63. Young lady Develop It Girl Develop It (GDI) has sections over the US and Canada. While the majority of GDI’s face to face workshops cost cash, the majority of their course materials are promptly accessible online for nothing . GDI additionally has free occasions, similar to their Code and Coffee meetup.

64. Ladies Who Code Women Who Code is a non-benefit with systems around the globe. They have distinctive occasions and workshops, all identifying with code.

Competitive Programming Sites  :

This sites provide competitive platform where programmers from various countries participates in problem solving competitions.You have to solve the given challenges or problems within a time limit and memory limit using programming language and algorithm of your choice.
Here is the list of sites for free programming and challenges you can give it a try,

65 Hacker Rank
66 HackerEarth
67 TopCoder
68 CodeChef

Cyber Security & BugBounty :

Hackerone is a platform for cyber security researchers to solve a bug or threat in sites and claim a bug bounty, sometimes a thousands of dollars $$ depending upon the company’s net worth and threat level of the bug or issue.
69  HackerOne


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